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What could be better than a handmade toy, knitted with love? There are loads of ideas out there, so to narrow them down find out what baby’s nursery will be like and plan your knitting to match. Whether it’s jungle animals or graphic prints, there are toys to suit your theme. And don’t stop at softies: comforters, rattles, blocks and more also make sweet baby gifts.

Babies explore the world with their mouths, so whatever you make will probably get chewed at some point. Bear this in mind as you knit! It’s crucial that any buttons or other sewn-on items are stitched firmly and securely, and that you avoid loose items such as cords and ribbons. Toy knitters should always use safety eyes or embroidered ones and check that the stuffing and any other extras such as rattle boxes are baby-safe and make sure it is machine washable!.

Visit me in store for more hints and tips and to discuss your ideas.

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